The Free-Radical Terminator Smoothie


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Chef: Nate Jones

Serves: 2


You want antioxidants? I got your antioxidants right here! This is also a nice way to hide a couple scoops of whey powder


1 cup Frozen Mixed Fruit (from Grocery store freezer)
1/2 cup Frozen Dark Berries (Rasp, Black, Blue or mix)
1/4 cup Pinapple Chunks
4 oz 'Bolthouse Farms' C-Boost or Passion Fruit Juice
1 whole Banana
1 cup Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt
1-2 tbsp Honey
1 cup Fresh Cut Strawberries (optional)
8 oz OJ (Filler)

Combine ingredients into blender, Add OJ until all ingredients are submerged.