Party of the Century


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Chef: Nate Jones

Serves: 250


10/23/2010: Jamestown, VA - The greatest party since the settlers found a stash of Snickers bars in 1610.


1 whole Quinn
1 whole Dana
250 head Friends and Family
1 dash Beautiful October Day
1 unit Seth Malios
5 g Dexter Lake Club Band
1 shot Pre-Wedding Whiskey
A whole Lot of Dancing
1000 can Awesomeness

Take shot.
Seat all the friends and family under beautiful sky.
Using Seth, gently add 1 Quinn and 1 Dana together and secure with rings.
Add Dexter Lake Club Band and Dancing with all friends and family (now standing) and shake vigorously with all the awesomeness you can fit into a tent.
You now have the party of the century.
Tell your children/grandchildren.