Lorie's Peanut Butter (Crack)-ers


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Chef: Nate Jones



Every year without fail, Patrick and I receive 20 of these monsters at the Spence Christmas eve party. They are unbelievably delicious.


1 pkg Hershey Kisses
1 pkg Ritz Crackers (Honey Butter)
1 large Jar of Peanut/Almond/Cashew Butter

Melt kisses in double-boiler.
Be careful to regulate temperature and stir often as chocolate will clump if over heated.
Make sandwiches with two crackers (or three if you live life on the edge) and spread.
Drop sandwich in chocolate, ensure chocolate coverage and fish out with forks.
Let cool on wax paper.
For visual effect, one can pipe melted white chocolate over top.
When you have made all your sandwiches, throw some whole nuts in the leftover chocolate and spoon the remainder out on wax paper.
Waste nothing.
Eat in mass quantities.