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Chef: Nate Jones

Serves: 1

Preheat: 275

I got this cooking formula off a website called FudeHouse.com and I didn't want to forget it. This recipe is for serious cuts of meat, like inch and a half ribeyes.


1 cut Red Meat (Ribeye, Strip)
whole lot of coarse salt
whole lot of pepper

dry steak with towel.
Don't worry about bringing up to temp, but get it out in the room for a while before you start.
Generous is not the word to describe how much salt to apply, so season with an absurd amount of salt and pepper on both sides and ride the sides through as well.
Cook at 275 until internal temp is 125.
Take steak out and rest for 12 minutes.
with 3 minutes to go, heat up a cast iron skillet till its smoking, and toss the steaks in for 1 to 2 minutes per side until they get a little brown crust.
pull them off and serve with a massive baked potato and something green.